Step 2 – Patch 3 A Day

The 331 System – Patch 3 A Day



  • Create Your List Of 10 People
    • People you love, people you respect, people you can help with their health issues, or people you want to build a business with.
  • Ask the question:
    • Who do you know?
  • Look at your contacts to create your list of 10 using the applications below:
    • Your phone: face book: Instagram: messenger: telegram: Whatsapp: Linkedin
  • After creating your first list of “10”: do another list of “10” and so on!
  • Then help the people you personally enroll create their list of 10!!
  • We are a business of gifting in our warm market & then helping our people gift in their warm market.
  • Physically patch people: stick the patch on their body.
  • Or mail out patches.
  • Always ask for a cell number when you patch.
  • Always qualify your gift by watch this link, ( and then text me your address if you want to try it.